Exploring the Best Cities for Travel Nurses: Where to Find Exciting Opportunities


Travel Nursing Overview

Adventure-loving nurse? Do you want to travel and improve healthcare? Perhaps travel nursing is right for you! Join us on a virtual tour of the top US cities for travel nurses in this blog post. From New York’s busy streets to Los Angeles’ sunny shores, discover your next exciting career move!

Travel Nursing Benefits

  • Becoming a travel nurse offers many exciting and unique experiences. You can explore different cities while advancing your nursing career with the flexibility to work where and when you want. Travel nurses earn more salary and bonuses than staff nurses, making it a lucrative option.
  • Travel nurses work in different healthcare settings with different patient populations, which improves their clinical skills. You gain professional experience, confidence, and adaptability as a nurse. Work travel also lets you network with healthcare professionals from different backgrounds, boosting your career.
  • Travel nurses offer a unique blend of adventure, learning, financial rewards, and personal growth, making them a popular choice for passionate healthcare professionals seeking a new challenge.

Considerations for Destination Selection

  • Several factors can affect your travel nurse experience when choosing a destination. First, consider whether you prefer working in urban hospitals or rural clinics.
  • Additionally, consider the city or town’s cost of living. Depending on your travel nurse salary, this includes housing, transportation, and affordability.
  • You should consider the climate of the location. Do you like all four seasons or warm weather year-round? Climate affects your lifestyle outside of work.
  • Consider family and friend proximity if important. Being close to family can support travel nurses.
  • Find professional development and continuing education opportunities in each destination—expanding your skills while traveling can be enriching.

Travel Nursing’s Top Cities:

  • Want your next exciting travel nursing assignment? Stop searching! These top cities offer great travel nurse opportunities.
  • New York City is our first stop. With its world-class hospitals and diverse patient populations, NYC attracts healthcare professionals seeking challenging roles and cultural experiences.
  • Sunshine-filled Los Angeles is next. When traveling nurses want to experience the West Coast lifestyle, LA’s vibrant healthcare scene and endless attractions are ideal.
  • Chicago, Illinois, is Midwest. Top-rated medical facilities and a rich history attract professionals seeking professional growth in a dynamic urban setting.

Final stop: 

  • Houston, Texas. Houston, one of the fastest-growing healthcare markets in the country, offers exciting travel nurse opportunities in a warm Southern city.
  • Career advancement and cultural immersion await travel nurses in each city. Prepare for an unforgettable nursing experience by packing your bags!


  • Like night shift travel nurses, New York City never sleeps. NYC has endless adventures for those seeking excitement and diversity in work and play, from the Statue of Liberty to Times Square.
  • Medical professionals can find cutting-edge technology and world-renowned specialists in this dream city. You’ll work with top nurses in New York City and explore this vibrant city as a travel nurse.
  • Discovering Chinatown or Little Italy’s diverse cuisines is a culinary adventure. Take in a Broadway show after work or on your days off.
  • Whether it’s strolling through Central Park on a crisp autumn day or mastering the subway system, New York City will give travel nurses an unforgettable experience.


  • Travel nurses can experience urban excitement and natural beauty in Los Angeles, California. From the Hollywood sign to the Pacific Coast beaches, LA has something for everyone.
  • Travel nurses in Los Angeles can visit major museums like The Getty Center, walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. Cultural and culinary experiences abound in the city’s diverse neighborhoods.
  • Los Angeles has top hospitals and medical facilities where travel nurses can gain experience. LA lives the California dream with its year-round sunshine and endless entertainment.
  • Travel nurses looking for exciting West Coast opportunities will love Los Angeles, whether they prefer Tinseltown or national parks.


  • Chicago is known for its diverse culture and lively atmosphere. This Midwestern city attracts travel nurses with its many healthcare jobs. Chicago offers nurses many opportunities to advance their skills at top hospitals and community clinics.
  • With the Willis Tower and John Hancock Center, the city’s skyline never disappoints. Walk along Lake Michigan or visit the Art Institute of Chicago on your days off. Wrigley Field, deep-dish pizza, and The Second City comedy club are all worth trying.
  • Chicago awaits travel nurses seeking professional advancement and amazing experiences with its rich history, various neighborhoods, and limitless entertainment possibilities.

Texas Houston

Houston is known for its diversified culture and thriving healthcare industry. For travel nurses, this vibrant city provides several intriguing opportunities. Houston offers healthcare professionals world-class medical facilities and research centers.

Travel nurses looking to improve patient care while exploring Houston would love its warm climate and Southern charm. There are many international cuisines in the city to satisfy your taste buds.

In addition to its professional prospects, Houston offers outdoor activities like parks, festivals, and sports games. Houston is a great place for travel nurses to explore museums and dance at concerts.

Career Advice for These Cities

  • Looking for an intriguing travel nursing job in a top city? Use these tips to simplify your job hunt.
  • Talk to healthcare staffing agencies. You can find suitable employment openings through these agencies’ unique arrangements with major city hospitals.
  • Network at healthcare conferences, online forums, and with industry professionals. People may have insights or job leads.
  • Your CV and cover letter should be tailored to each job. To stand out from other applicants, highlight job-related abilities and experiences.
  • Use Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn to find travel nursing jobs in your city. Set up email alerts to receive new posts.
  • Social media networks like Twitter and Instagram can boost your professional profile. Make sure your social media presence represent your nursing skills and passion—many facilities utilize it to recruit!

Every City Has Unique Adventures

  • Travel nurses can see Manhattan’s lively districts, see Broadway, or try Brooklyn’s unique cuisine. There are sunny beaches, Hollywood star sightings, and hiking trails with beautiful city views in Los Angeles. Chicago has the Willis Tower and Millennium Park’s Cloud Gate. Houston’s travel nurses can visit NASA’s Space Center Houston, eat Tex-Mex, or stroll around Buffalo Bayou Park.
  • Adventure and charm are unique to each place. Travel nurses might generate wonderful moments in Central Park in NYC or surfing at Venice Beach in LA when on duty. Chicago has deep-dish pizza, while Houston has rodeos. Each city has its own vibe. Experience the culture and excitement of these best travel nurse cities!


As a travel nurse, you can visit different cities, meet unique people, and grow personally and professionally. Active nurses seeking new challenges can find interesting opportunities in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston. Travel nursing can be maximized by considering employment availability, cost of living, lifestyle choices, and unique experiences in each destination. Pack up, hit the road, and enjoy these diverse places’ stimulating adventures!

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